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This colorful, enjoyable book introduces your child to the magnificent world of being a teacher. Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Teacher follows a boy and girl as they teach students their ABCs, have story time, sing songs, play sports, and go on field trips. There are two activity pages at the end to encourage discussion between parent/teacher and child. The first activity encourages children to think about what subjects they would like to teach. The second activity discusses African American pioneers in the field of education. Children will love learning about all the wonderful things teachers do. 


All three picture books in the Last Night I Dreamed Series have colorful pictures and are written in an enjoyable, rhythmic style. They are great children’s books for kindergarten classes and preschool story time. These inspiring African American children’s books are fun books to read to all children.


The Last Night I Dreamed Series includes three popular children's books about careers: Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Doctor, Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Teacher, and Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Musician.

Age: Preschool through first grade 
Paperback | 8.25 x 8.25 | 26 pages | Second Edition

Author: Nadine Johnson


Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Teacher Picture Book

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